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Remote Printing Software

Online printing software is designed to fulfill two major functions: reliable document conversion and remote access. These solutions provide businesses with advanced customer service tools and the ability to manage workloads more efficiently.

The Convenience of Online Printing Software

Publishing challenges are overcome by the drivers that power online printing software. Often, it's necessary to convert a document from its original format to the universally accepted PDF format. While most professional shops have widely used programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop, CorelDraw and others installed on their machines, clients who use specialized programs to create documents can have a hard time finding shops with the same program on their computers. The solution is usually to turn the original into a PDF. Nevertheless, this can lead to rendering problems if there are discrepancies between the fonts, colors or layouts used by the client and those available on the shop's machines. Drivers provide the answer, ensuring that document publishing will render as intended.

The other convenience of online printing software is that it allows clients to access branded printers at a professional shop from their own computer desktop. Using a simple interface, clients can submit jobs online. However, for all the conveniences this software offers, it has its limitations. Shop managers can expect to pay thousands of dollars to install it, on top of monthly fees, and they have only limited customization options available.

Explore More Affordable, More Flexible Alternatives has developed a more affordable system that installs in minutes, not weeks, and allows print production facilities to customize their drivers by adding their email and ftp details. This unique system also involves no up-front fees of any kind--users simply pay as they go.

"... Using a simple interface, clients can submit jobs online. ..."