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Branded Web Site for Printers

Using our Do it Yourself wizard, any printer can simply fill in the most basic information relating to his / her print organization. In 6 simple steps, any printer, print shop or print broker, can have his own branded web site, with unique and branded web to print tools that are unique to the print shop. This initiative, which enables any and every print company to have their own web printer presence, also equips the print world with some of the most necessary web to print tools – affordably and efficiently.

GoPrint2 Modules

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If you are a printer that has a digital print shop, a sign company, an offset print facility or any graphic arts related shops, with out a web site - then worry not. After filling in our 6-step wizard, GoPrint2 dynamically generates for printers their own web presence. The site is equipped with basic web pages to adequately represent a print company’s products and service offerings. Also, by access the content management system (CMS), any printer can create and manage their web site to say and display any new information that is unique to their service offering.

PDF Print Driver

One of the most basic web to print tools in the market today, is a PDF Print Drivers. To date, PDF Print Drivers have been extremely expensive and very inflexible in their programming make up. GoPrint2 has the most advanced and the most flexible PDF install driver available. Whether your print customers have a Windows OS or a Mac OS, printers can put their business right into their clients' computers without any set-up fees or licensing fees. This PDF print driver allows for online proofing by creating a print-ready PDF file that can be sent via the Internet.

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Desktop Courier: Drag & Drop

The same install application that lists your company as an online proofing print driver on your customer’s computer also creates a desktop icon with your company's name for the option to send large or multiple files in one motion. All your customer needs to do is simply highlight the intended files and drag them into your own personal drop box.

The Desktop Courier, which is a “Drag and Drop” submission interface, is available via custom install and via your branded file upload web page.

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File Upload Pages via Web

If you are a printer that already has a printer presence web site, then you can bypass creating your web site with GoPrint2 and instead, use GoPrint2 to create your branded file upload portal. This web portal is customized to reflect your company’s brand name and logo, and allows your client to upload files to our servers for easy pick up and printing. This module is equipped with “resume” capabilities so large files and interrupted file transfers are no longer problematic. Simply link to our automatically generated web pages in order to facilitate the transfer of files from customer to printer.

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Web PDF Conversion Engine

PDF conversions via the Internet are available for all Web modules. Enable PDF conversion technology so that all files submitted via your GoPrint2 PDF print driver, or your branded file upload portal, are print ready when you receive them.

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FTP Replacement for Printers

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