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Features of the GoPrint 2 PDF Print Driver

  • Customizable and easy to set up
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Converts all file formats
  • Embedded PDF reader
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Modifications made to driver are updated automatically, no need for customers to uninstall and reinstall
  • Can integrate with your existing FTP infrastructure or can be used with our replacement FTP service .

PDF Print Driver

Our proprietary brand-able and customizable PDF printer drivers create real-time document conversions that allow customers to preview their jobs before submitting them to a shop remotely. They're necessary because some files don't render properly in their native formats, and in cases where the shop doesn't have the same program that was used to create the document installed on its machines, it can't even be opened. Thus, conversion to a universal file format has to take place or the job cannot be completed.

Our cost-saving PDF printer drivers can be installed for free on print and graphic arts customers’ computers. Our proprietary code packages the PDF Print Driver technology with your print store or graphic arts business information and creates a PDF print driver that will send all print jobs exclusively to you as an approved PDF. So for example, a document that's been carefully crafted with custom fonts and colors often cannot be accurately converted into the PDF format. During the conversion, color representation can be corrupted and fonts can change. Using a PDF driver ensures that the document will appear as intended upon email delivery to the shop. Without the PDF print driver, the client and the shop will have to go back-and-forth, addressing any problems with the final product individually. This is tedious and costly.

Affordable PDF Print Drivers for the Print and Graphic Arts Industry

Print drivers help clients avoid these problems by ensuring that document delivery is accurate. Unfortunately, major providers of these technologies don't make them affordable for shop owners. offers affordable and efficient web to print solutions. Among these solutions is the PDF Print Driver module which allows for accurate document conversions to be handled via a simple interface. The cost of this technology is relatively low and affordable for small business owners. Upon initiating the print driver, all you have to do is click “Print” in the file menu from your native application.

Customizing the PDF Print Driver

The order menu, and job details, the interface and title bar are all customizable to have your brand, company information, logo and colour theme all displayed to your customer. What’s more, if ever you make changes, corrections, modifications or need to add new services, you can make all these changes yourself in the administrative section, and all changes will show in real time. There will be no need to have your customer uninstall and re-install. Our PDF Print Driver install is also built in with a PDF viewer, so if your customers do not have an adobe pdf reader, then it poses no problem. The GoPrint2 Print Driver is compatible both with Mac and Windows.

"... The company has already created a unique system that allows for reliable document conversions and remote job submissions without the expense of up-front fees ..."