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Remote Desktop File Submission Interface


  • Custom icon on customers’ desktops.
  • Custom interface branded to company image.
  • Easy to use. Easy to set up.
  • Convenient “Drag and Drop” feature.
  • Send large files in excess of 2GB.
  • Send multiple files simultaneously.
  • Transfer memory, resumes file transfer of interrupted file from point of interruption.
  • Integrates with your FTP or replaces it.

Online desktop printing interfaces offer benefits to both print providers and their clients, by streamlining the document delivery process and enabling clients to submit jobs remotely. Using specially installed software, clients can choose to send jobs right to a professional shop from the convenience of their computer desktop, previewing and approving documents online to deliver them to the shop's queue.

Combined with our PDF Print Driver installation, a unique and custom branded online desktop printing interfaces is also installed on your customer’s desktop. Now print and graphic store customers are able to convert documents from native file formats into PDFs, when necessary, to ensure that all fonts, colors and borders render properly. If however the document is too large or does not convert properly, the desktop icon opens a File Submission Interface that allows for the sending of large file and multiple files.

Go Print 2 equips your Print Driver installation with much more than just a print driver for PDF conversions. To compare, most print drivers sold by major service providers like Adobe, have several limitations. First, they only allow for limited customizations. They're also difficult to update and they're cost-prohibitive. The industry will charge thousands to order and install and have pricey monthly licensing fees attached.

Send large files, Multiple files with our new drag and drop feature

When this print driver is installed directly onto a customer’s computer, a desktop icon is simultaneously created. This file submission interface can be accessed by simply double clicking on the icon. Once the interface is open, the customer can simply highlight the digital files to be transferred and drag them into the submission interface, and the submission is complete.

The simplicity of this procedure offers the customer a unique brand of loyalty to the designated print shop. The print shop will not only have their branded icon on their customer’s computer desktop, but they will offer the most convenient method of delivery. The print shop who offers this drag and drop method of submitting files will clearly be the first choice of customers seeking an easier way to submit digital files.

This Desktop Drag and Drop capability is not only available as a branded icon on a customer’s desktop, but also the print or graphic arts shop’s Branded File Upload Portal .

Improvements in Online Desktop Printing

New, more powerful technologies make the online desktop printing process easier and more affordable. Our desktop file submission interface allows for advanced customizations, sends multiple files simultaneously, sends files larger than 2 GB (ideal for commercial and trade printers) and is downloadable in minutes. Updates are distributed over the Internet, making for uninterrupted service, and best of all, these technologies are free to download and install. With an easy seven-step process, the entire process can be completed in mere minutes. created these new technologies to make professional document delivery capabilities affordable for small businesses. Web to print technologies have made it easier for customers to send files to printers quickly and efficiently. However, the GoPrint2 Web to print solution has taken an extra step towards simplifying the process of send digital files via the Internet for printing.

"... New, more powerful technologies make the online desktop printing process easier and more affordable ..."