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Branded File Upload Portal


  • Custom icon on customers’ desktops.
  • Custom interface branded to company image.
  • Easy to use. Easy to set up.
  • Convenient “Drag and Drop” feature.
  • Send large files in excess of 2GB.
  • Send multiple files simultaneously.
  • Transfer memory, resumes file transfer of interrupted file from point of interruption.
  • Integrates with your FTP or replaces it.

Print delivery interfaces are convenient tools that link the facilities at a print shop with remote clients. However, a Branded File Upload Portal can be created as a similar alternative with one major benefit; this portal is easily accessible from any computer with Internet and a browser. These submission portals can replace a print company’s Web site. Clients can potentially go to a print company’s home page to see a drag and drop interface to send multiple digital files in one motion.

These portals can be accessed on any computer with Internet and a browser. All your customer needs to do is open up a browser with the URL of a printer’s Branded File Upload Portal, then simply highlight the intended files and drag them into the printer’s personal drop box located on the interface of the printer’s Branded File Upload Portal.

This interface can alternatively be a link on a print provider’s Web site. A print shop can also send all their clients an email with the URL to their Branded File Upload.

The Branded File Upload Portal is an excellent alternative to big named Web to print methods with hardware and software that take weeks to install and costs thousands of dollars in installation fees on top of monthly usage charges. If they need to be updated, the interface provider must reinstall the hardware on the host's machine, who will then have to make sure each client's software receives the updates, too.

Thanks to the GoPrint2 Branded File Upload Portal, a client can access a printer with absolutely no additional hardware or software to be installed on their computer. Clients can reach the print provider from anywhere an Internet connection can be established, and allows clients to use the interface to specify quantities and give the shop special directions for the job. This branded digital file submission interface is simple to use with a cost efficient monthly fee basis and access to online technical support and excellent customer service.

The files can be sent to an ftp or can be hosted by GoPrint2. With options to convert into a PDF over the internet as well.

"... Updating these drivers requires a complete reinstall too, which is tedious and inconvenient for the shop's clients ..."