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How will GoPrint2 help my business?

GoPrint2 facilitates file transfers for the print and graphic arts industry by broadening your capabilities to receive files. GoPrint2 puts your company right into your clients’ computers, helping you develop greater client relationships. The print driver automatically creates a print-ready PDF and opens a proof window for your client to preview, reducing the amount of time and potential errors that occur in the traditional printing approval process. Your clients will find it so simple to send you digital documents that they won’t want to use another printer.

For customers that can't install software on computers due to rigid IT and Network Administrator policies, we also enable file submissions via the Internet with the benefits of install software via our proprietary PDF conversion engine. We also have no limits on file sizes sent through our system.

How much will it cost?

GoPrint2 remains the most affordable web-to-print solutions in the web to print market. Prices may vary between the various modules available. Please click the "Get Started" button, prices will appear on the 3rd step of the Do-It-Yourself Set up Wizard. All modules through the Go Print2 should not currently exceed $35.00 US.

What do I need to do to open an account?

All you need to set up an account is a computer, Web browser, an email address and Internet access. The process is easy. Just click here to get started and follow the simple step by step instructions to register for your free trial.

How simple or complex will it be for my customers to use?

The GoPrint2 tools are very simple to use. By following a few simple steps, your customers can have your company listed as an active print driver on their computer. Once the print driver is installed, your customers can send their files directly to your operation just by pressing Print and choosing your custom branded print driver listed in their drop-down menu. Or they can open the sending interface sitting on their desktop and drag and drop (or select) the files they wish to send. These same tools are available via the Internet.

How do your clients get started?

For Print Driver:

Once you register as a GOPrint2 Print Service Provider, we will assign you a customized hyperlink that will contain PDF conversion technology for installing on your customer's computer. This will convert any native document to a PDF to be sent solely to your Print location.

Once you receive that link, place it on your Web site so that your clients can easily download your GOPrint2 print driver. Alternatively, send your clients an email with your assigned hyperlink inviting them to download your print driver. In order to install the print driver your clients are prompted to use the installation wizard and follow a few simple steps. Once installed, your print shop will be listed as an active print driver on their computer systems. When your customers are ready to place their next print orders they just press "Print" and they select your customized print driver from their print menu.

For Desktop Drag & Drop:

The same install application that lists your company as a print driver on your customer’s computer also creates a desktop icon with your company's name for the option to send large or multiple files in one motion. All your customer needs to do is simply highlight the intended files and drag them into your own personal drop box.

The Drag and Drop submission interface is available via custom install and via your branded file upload web page.

For Branded File Upload Portal:

Your Branded File Upload Portal acts as your own file submission Web site that your customers can use anywhere there is Internet and a browser. Simply include a link to your Branded File Upload Portal on your company’s website, or even use the portal itself as your company’s website. Alternatively, you can email a link to your Branded File Upload Portal to all your customers.

For Web PDF Capability:

When submitting a file to you via Print Driver or Branded File Upload Portal, your clients will automatically be given the option to have their file(s) converted into PDF via the Internet.

For FTP Replacement:

Whether you choose to facilitate your own FTP servers or have our FTP servers replace them, your customers will not know the difference. They will simple know that their files are getting to you quickly and in a print ready format.

What happens if my customers have technical difficulties?

Should there be any issues, we are available between 8:30am and 6:30pm EST, Monday through Friday (except holidays) to answer any questions you may have. Please see the Contact Us section for different methods to contact us.

Is the GoPrint2 driver compatible with MAC’s?

The GoPrint2 print driver is compatible with both MAC and Windows applications.

Is there any limit to the size of file I can send?


What types of documents can be sent through GoPrint2?

GoPrint2 supports any type of application that can be sent to a print driver and printed. Compatible applications include but are not limited to: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PPT, InDesign, Corel Draw, QuarkXpress, Freehand, Illustrator etc. If you are uncertain of compatibility with a program you are using, please email, and we will verify compatibility and respond to your inquiry.