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Print Provider Software

In the printing industry, document management software facilitates accurate file conversions that protect the job's intended appearance. Common examples of these programs include the Adobe Distiller engine and Ghostscript open-source technology. These management software products are able to convert documents into post-script files to make the job readable by a printer, finally storing them in the universal PDF format that's used to handle print jobs that cannot be completed in their native file formats.

Yet, many print providers and their clients still face ongoing challenges when converting files. Colors, fonts and borders can easily be misrepresented, leading to time-consuming and costly attempts to correct the problems. Print drivers offer solutions, but these document management software technologies are often priced out of the range of many print providers. Adobe, for example, charges exorbitant up-front fees for its drivers, and then adds monthly usage fees on top.

Fortunately for small business owners, a more affordable solution has arrived. Using patented document management software technology, it's now possible to use cheaper, pay-per-usage software to handle these file conversions just as accurately as their much more expensive installed counterparts. These solutions are also conveniently able to use the conversion engine of the client's choice, so they're compatible with widely used programs like Ghostscript and Adobe Distiller.

Affordable, Accessible Document Management Software

Print drivers help clients avoid these problems by ensuring that document delivery is accurate. Unfortunately, major providers of these technologies don't make them affordable for shop owners. Adobe, for example, charges tens of thousands of dollars in initial installation fees, plus monthly usage charges, for these programs. Only about 10 percent of businesses in the industry are able to afford this technology. offers reliable, convenient and cost-effective alternatives to expensive drivers. The company has developed technology that allows users to convert files reliably and accurately, and send them to the shop with a couple of simple clicks. Most importantly, its products are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

"... Fortunately for small business owners, a more affordable solution has arrived ..."