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Web PDF Conversion Engine

Features include:

  • Converts large files to PDF online
  • Conversions of native file formats across most commonly used applications,
    -Microsoft Office Suite (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx)
    -Adobe Suite CS3 (Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator)
    -Corel Draw
    -.rtf, .txt, .odt, .ods, .odp, .odg, .odf, .jpg, .png
    -Quark - coming soon

Accomodating the limitations of installed PDF Print Drivers

PDF Print Drivers embed the end user's font, color and formatting choices in the file so that there are no discrepancies between the customer's expectations and the print shop's results. Without these drivers, font and color choices may appear differently upon printing, and require tedious reprocessing to render correctly.

However, due to rigid IT rules and regulations in large bureaucratic companies, system administrators at large companies face a unique set of challenges and are often reluctant to download and install external software onto the company's system, which limits their ability to use PDF print driver software. Fortunately, GoPrint2 has accommodated this limitation with our unique PDF conversion software engine the converts the most commonly used file formats into PDF via web – server side.

The Future of PDF Conversion Software via web

With our unique PDF Conversion Software, documents can be converted online. Our software developers have created technologies that allow clients to access the power of PDF Conversion technology postscript readers over the Internet. This circumvents the need for clients to download and install any external programs, instead accessing drivers on the server side. This new technology saves companies thousands of dollars of the installation costs currently charged by major providers of these software products. is leading the developmental charge towards these cutting-edge technologies. The company has already created a unique system that allows for reliable document conversions and remote job submissions without the expense of up-front fees.

Along with PDF conversion software, professional shops can also offer customers the ability to submit jobs remotely using a preview window and an online interface for converting files to PDF via an online PDF converter . Now common programs like CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and the Microsoft Office suite need not be opened on the host's computer to the universal PDF format using specialized software.

Now you can add our Web PDF Converter module to your customized web upload portal pages and all original file formats can be converted into PDF over the web if your customer selects it.

Affordable Online PDF Conversion Software

We make our technology available to web developers who want to offer their clients the convenience of a fast, reliable PDF conversion engine. Powered by next-generation technologies, our software products offer superior accuracy, better ease of use and a wider range of applications than other PDF conversion freeware. This technology offers affordable solutions to print shop owners who might not otherwise be able to stay competitive, and to larger companies looking to save expenditures and streamline their delivery systems.

"... Print shops are charged thousands of dollars to install these drivers, and even then they still come with monthly fees and limitations ..."