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About Us

GOPrint2 is a Web based solution designed and developed for the Graphic Arts industry by RACAD Tech, Inc. ("RACAD"). RACAD specializes in creating innovative and user-optimized Web applications for a diverse client base in the online and e-commerce industry. Go Print 2 specifically takes into account the limited resources of business owners in the print and graphics industry. Our goal is to make leading edge technology affordable and accessible to the majority if the industry.

RACAD is committed to providing exceptional technical services, support, and consulting to meet the demands of a growing Internet dependent world.

RACAD is dedicated to providing the highest standard of customer service. With our industry expertise, cutting edge technology, and proven solutions we are able to offer innovative software that meet the needs of our clients and their customers. The result is enduring customer relationships, and clients that consistently realize greater revenues.

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Enter your information and choose how you would like to receive your print orders, whether by email and/or your FTP server. Alternatively you can choose GoPrint2 to replace your FTP and we can store the files for you.

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You can log into the Management section on this Web site at any time to update or change information regarding your account or your clients. All changes are updated in real-time to all customers who have installed your print driver or access your web submission page.