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Document delivery tools for the Print and Graphic Arts Industry: FTP Integration or Replacement

The special document delivery system tools and interfaces created by GoPrint2 link computers at a print shop with their clients, allowing users to select the professional shop's printers with a few easy clicks. However, the drivers that these document delivery systems use, as provided by other companies, suffer from a number of limitations that make their use impractical for many small businesses.

The solutions they provide come at a steep price. Not only do they take weeks to install, but shops are also expected to pony up thousands of dollars in fees on top of monthly usage charges. If they need to be updated, the interface provider must reinstall the driver on the host's machine, who will then have to make sure each client's software receives the updates, too. In fact, these delivery systems are priced so that only about 10 percent of print shops can afford the customer service solutions they promise.

The Next Generation in Document Delivery Systems

Now, thanks to , the other 90 percent have a more affordable option--one that offers the same document conversion services and remote access with much greater ease of installation. Register for an account and download a full-service pay-per-use driver with no installation fees of any kind.

FTP Integration and/or Replacement

  • Integrate into your existing infrastructure
  • Replaces your FTP infrastructure

Because of the wide spread use of FTP’s by the public at large, GoPrint2 incorporates your FTP server setting and sends job to your FTP for collection, storage and tracking. So all the print files submitted via the PDF Print Driver, the Web upload portal or the desktop interface can easily be sent to your existing FTP server. And if those settings change, GoPrint2 updates the information so that all files go to the new FTP destination. However limitations and inconveniences associated with FTP systems, cause many users with ongoing needs to upload and download files online seek FTP alternatives.

Also, print providers with limited FTP server space may be hesitant to accept large volumes of print jobs. This makes the task of delivering print jobs to service providers online much more tedious as direct links between the client's computer and the printers cannot be established without additional FTP servers.

With GoPrint2 offering print providers the option to have their FTP servers replaced by GoPrint2 FTP servers, a printer company’s customer can store their large files on the GoPrint2 FTP servers for easy pick up later.

This solution to limited FTP server space can be attained at cost efficient prices so that even small print shops and young print companies can provide their customers with this highly efficient way of storing their large digital files.

In fact, the print provider’s customers will only be aware of sending their digital files directly to the print company’s FTP servers, giving even small print providers a way to look larger, more professional and more established. Also, GoPrint2 offers the highest level of security available. The GoPrint2 security platform consists of mainly two parts, a secure transfer via SSL and a datacenter protected by advanced security methods. is leading the charge towards these affordable and convenient new solutions. The site hosts file transfers of unlimited size, allowing users to manage multiple uploads and downloads easily, efficiently and free of worry. also offers both the automatic zipping of shared files and a handy auto-resume feature that ensures your transfer picks up right where it left off in case of interruption.

"... Special delivery system interfaces link computers at a print shop with their clients, allowing users to select the professional shop's printers with a few easy clicks...."