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Postscript Print Driver

Print service providers use powerful software to create streamlined, convenient document delivery systems that function like a virtual printing press. This software consists of interfaces that establish a direct online link between the service provider and its clients and drivers that ensure accurate document rendering.

Online Management Tools for Print Service Providers

These interfaces allow clients to deliver jobs to print service providers remotely, as they enable the customer to select the shop's printer from their own desktop menu with a couple quick clicks of the mouse or by pressing a few keys. These systems allow clients to enter special directions and specify quantities and pickup times.

The drivers used by service providers make sure that accurate PDF conversions take place that preserve the client's fonts, colors and layout options. Usually, clients don't encounter problems when using common programs like Microsoft Word and Adobe PhotoShop. However, when specialized software is used to create documents, there are occasionally problems rendering fonts, colors and borders correctly unless a driver is used during the PDF conversion process.

These advantages come with their limitations, though. Major software companies like Adobe charge a lot of money in up-front fees for these programs in addition to costly monthly upkeep fees. However, businesses now have an alternative. has developed a tool that performs all these functions, installs in minutes, allows for advanced customizations and is a free print driver to download. Instead of collecting expensive up-front fees, clients use the system on a pay-per-use basis.

"... However, businesses now have an alternative ..."